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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today I read a blog by Ritesh Kala and I quite enjoyed it and it made me think about my radio show that I quit doing, and the problematic guests I had that caused me to cancel it.

Well, once it was posted I left for church, when I returned I had one very catty and mean reply to it, the person had valid points and a great reply, well it would off been great if she had not added immature comments like me working at Wal-Mart because I got angry at ONE guest, or that I was a child and lived with my mother. (Yes, I live with my mother get over it!) Those comments just made her sound even more immature and unprofessional then she was claiming I was.
They took away from all the good things she was saying, it was sad. I replied maturely and professionally, no matter how angry I was at being attacked by a complete stranger who knew nothing about the circumstances off my problems except for the 3 sentences I had posted.
How does reading 3 lines off a complicated matter make her an expert on me and my life?
She has no idea what happened that day, no one does but me, Cathy and the interviewee, so she had no right to judge me and my actions.
Did I over react? Sure, I have a nasty temper and sometimes it's impossible to control, but I'm learning and working on it, after all I'm only human. When people get attitudes with me and blame me for things that are really their fault my anger bubbles up and I unleash it on them.
Do you know why?!
Because I'm a human being and I can't control my temper sometimes, get over it!
At least I was mature enough to admit I over reacted and that I have faults and problems, that's more then most people I know.
I'd name the problem guests so my other guests who apparently missed all the nice things I said about them, wouldn't get insulted, but then the ones I named would get angry and yell at me. So, you know what, get over it all of you.
Yes, some of you sucked, and some of you were incredible guests, that doesn't give you the right to get pissed at me because apparently you have a guilty conscience for no reason what so ever.
I named no one in my blog only gave examples, and the people who they are about will know it's them, so if you know you didn't do that to me why would you get upset and feel hurt? I don't understand, you know you were a great guest so why would you get mad or upset at me? I never expected my great guests to be upset, and hear nothing from the guests I spoke about in the blog, what is this opposite day?

I used to try so hard to make everyone happy, because I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but do you know what that did? Made me completely miserable, because all I ever did was try to make people happy. But, I finally realized that you can't make everyone happy, so I stopped trying and you know what I haven't been this happy since I was a child.
No that does not mean you try to make no one happy ever again, it just means that if you do something like write a blog that hurts peoples feelings even though you had NO intention of it, then you just acknowledge their thoughts and move on with your life.
You can't make a omelet without breaking a few eggs, like wise for writing, you can't write great things without hurting a few peoples feelings.
If these people get so upset over a blog that didn't even mention them, I'd hate to see how they react when someone truly attacks them.

So, no I won't apologize for my blog, but I will say I didn't mean to hurt any feelings with my blog, it was not meant for that, it was meant to only help not harm. If you got upset over it, then there is nothing I can do but tell you to try and not be so sensitive.