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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Has anyone ever tried Sprinting?

Has anyone ever tried Sprinting? No! Not the run as fast as you can kind! I meant the writing kind, where you start at :25 and write for 20 minutes then when the times up you add your word count to where ever you were Sprinting at!
It's great fun when you need a good boost of moral, or a good burst of writing to get it done!
It's also a great way to start writing when you cant make yourself other wise!
Sprints are great for me as I am a VERY lazy Writer! I try and try, but my Muse is lazier then I am!!
So, whenever Im in the mood I do a good Sprint and get at least a thousand or two words in a couple of Sprints!
So, the next time you cant seem to write? Gather your friends and a few Writing Sprints, trust me you wont be sorry!

Friday, February 17, 2012

I now have blogger on my phone!

This is great! I dont need a computer to blog!!

The Adventures of Pennsylvania Pete and Mr. Cunningham!!

OK, well here is my first blog post!!

Well, I just signed a contract with Saga Books for my picture book "The Adventures of Pennsylvania Pete and Mr. Cunningham", soon (But not that soon!) it will be a ebook on Amazon and Saga Books website!!!
Debra just asked me to tell her how many stories will be in the series, and I paused. I hadn't even thought about it until now, Pete sort of just got shoved in a computer file and left there. Sure, he has a lot more work then most of my stories, but still. So, now I have to think of ideas for the next books and how many there will be!
What if I say five, then I don't have five ideas??
What if I say three and I have five ideas??
Hm.....I will probably just say five to be safe!

She will be sick of me when I'm done! Because I have been writing for almost 10 years! So, I have four book series that I have on the back burner right now, not to mention couple of 100 poems and short stories!