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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Pains of a Writer!

So it's Sunday, last day of me having to put up with both parents all day. (I hate weekends!)
I woke up today feeling very stiff and sore!
My shoulders are very tender to the touch, my knees are stiff from the constant crossed legs and other positions I sit in to write for 5 ours in a row.
Not to mention my poor achy wrist, I think I've gotten some severe nerve issues going on in there. All this could be fixed with a good desk, I spend most of my time on my bed with my laptop, or at the 5 mile high desk with my PC. (Hench the wrist aches!)
Being single now I don't have a strong man to massage my pains away. *Sigh* No one ever said being a Writer is painful! I'm a Writer who can't sit still for long, my lower extremities go numb, then my knees, my back, neck, wrist, now my shoulders?! OI VA!!
Who knew writing took such a toll of the human body? If they did they sure as hell didn't tell me about it, wish they had then I could of gotten a proper desk and a good chair to sit in and write. Just sitting here right now writing this blog I'm hurting.
My back and neck are both screaming at me, I'm only sitting like this because my lower extremities started screaming at me also, it sees that no matter how I sit my body yells at me.
Yet yesterday I sat on a hard plastic chair for 5 hours and no one complained....except my knees by hour 5, makes me wonder how I sleep on this bed if my body hates it so much.
Hmmm....I'm rambling again!
The point is that I've found things about being a Writer I never knew you'd get, like a achy body and a bad wrist.
No wonder Writers work so hard to make money at this, they're going to need it to pay all the hospital bills when they're older from all this stress on the body!
 Anyone else has aches and pains from Writing??

Friday, April 20, 2012

Breaking that childhood mold!

Hmmm.....this in NO way a rant or a angry vent!!
I was born 2-3 months early and had some sorry HAVE some developmental issues! But I never let it stop me I learned to walk, talk even was potty trained at 1 and half (I think my mom said) I even learned to read at 4 years old! By school time I could read, write and spell my name by age 5! Not bad for premature!
But once I got into school I started to have problems....I needed extra help!
Well 1995 I came to America and I was put into LD! (Learning Disability!) so then I got labelled stupid by my brothers and friends! I had "B"s and "C"s in school even a occasional "A"! Graduated a year late as we moved to a new state in my Senior Year! My new school I had a 4.0 GPA and was on the Honor Roll for a few semeters even made the swim team! Again not bad for a premature LD (retarded!) child! Or so I was labelled.
I graduated in 2004 when everyone from my old school said I never would, graduating when told I never would was a great feeling and my greatest accomplishment yet! That might sound sad to you as graduating for you was no sweat, but for me it was hard to do, but I did it!
Yet still 6-7 years later I'm still considered retarded by my friends and family especialy my brothers!
What brought on my life story??
I'm trying to change my life and start fresh in my home country of England? I have family there but noone will help so I messaged my brother on Facebook and asked him agreed, but then proceeded to give me a lecture on how I'm not mature enough to be on my own, how I need to be coddled and taken care off like some mentally retarded person. Also that I dont know the meaning of hard work and that I will fail because I dont know how to work to care for myself! That hurt as I realized to him I was still that retarded litle girl who was put into LD because she was stupid.
He has not seen me in many years having gone back to UK over 5 years ago! So he has no right to judge me on his old opinions and memories of me!
I have been working hard to make money since I was 21! Taking any odd job I could grab just to make a few bucks! Nannying for 8 years for horrible bosses and worse kids with lousy pay and long hours and commute! But I took them as they were the only jobs available! Only to be told I have NO work ethic, NO experience and NO brains to keep a job! On many occasion by many people!
I am FAR from retarded having met retarded people, yet I'm still constantly treated as the stupid lil girl who couldnt pass math and was labelled stupid and shoved into LD!
This blog is about breaking the mold that you were cast in as a child and telling those people who are keeping you down that you ARE more then that and you WILL become more then you are now!
Show them all that you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it!!

And to said brother on Facebook, is this in no way a insult to you or being rude or hateful towards you, just how I felt and needed to get it out!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I read a blog today by Joseph Eastwood (http://www.josepheastwood.com/2012/04/writing-is.html) and he asked us why do we write?? I thought about it for a while, while I ran around Facebook like a chicken with it's head cut off. (It's not cooperating for me today!!) I finally got around to reading the blog and quite enjoyed it, I posted my thoughts on his blog and post on Facebook! A friend of mine like my response so much she told me to put it on my blog so here it is:

This is why I write:
Hmm...why do I write??
I write because....I can't stop myself from writing, because I can't imagine a day of my life where I'm not day dreaming about a new story, or my characters, or thinking I have to sit down and finish my book!
I write because if I didn't, I wouldn't be me, I wouldn't be happy! If I didn't write everyday (OK, so I don't write EVERY day!) or every other day, or even think about writing, I'd be very depressed...er....and I wouldn't find any enjoyment in life! As life is what inspires me to write, I see a funny looking door, a story, I see a kid running after a kite, story! I see a title to a song, it's a story! So, without my writing life would be just..plain...boring!