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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Pains of a Writer!

So it's Sunday, last day of me having to put up with both parents all day. (I hate weekends!)
I woke up today feeling very stiff and sore!
My shoulders are very tender to the touch, my knees are stiff from the constant crossed legs and other positions I sit in to write for 5 ours in a row.
Not to mention my poor achy wrist, I think I've gotten some severe nerve issues going on in there. All this could be fixed with a good desk, I spend most of my time on my bed with my laptop, or at the 5 mile high desk with my PC. (Hench the wrist aches!)
Being single now I don't have a strong man to massage my pains away. *Sigh* No one ever said being a Writer is painful! I'm a Writer who can't sit still for long, my lower extremities go numb, then my knees, my back, neck, wrist, now my shoulders?! OI VA!!
Who knew writing took such a toll of the human body? If they did they sure as hell didn't tell me about it, wish they had then I could of gotten a proper desk and a good chair to sit in and write. Just sitting here right now writing this blog I'm hurting.
My back and neck are both screaming at me, I'm only sitting like this because my lower extremities started screaming at me also, it sees that no matter how I sit my body yells at me.
Yet yesterday I sat on a hard plastic chair for 5 hours and no one complained....except my knees by hour 5, makes me wonder how I sleep on this bed if my body hates it so much.
Hmmm....I'm rambling again!
The point is that I've found things about being a Writer I never knew you'd get, like a achy body and a bad wrist.
No wonder Writers work so hard to make money at this, they're going to need it to pay all the hospital bills when they're older from all this stress on the body!
 Anyone else has aches and pains from Writing??

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  1. my eyes- they hurt if I'm on the computer too long- love you blog page!!