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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Never Give Up!

I just watched a youtube video Rebbekah White posted on Facebook, "Facing The Giants" scene where Brock one of the football players carries Jeremy a 160 pound teenager 120 yards, that's the entire length of a football field on his arms, his coach kept pushing him, and pushing him, and telling him to not to quit to tell his body to not give up and to keep going.
It was a very powerful scene, and I found myself in tears, at the sheer power of the scene realizing how much we can do when we put our minds to the task. Our minds can overpower our bodies and tell them to keep going even when we feel like we cannot, like we feel hopeless, pointless, like it's better to give up now then to of tried and failed.

Although writing and football are completely different in many ways they are the same in one, it takes great discipline and great power to finish both. A football player although exhausted and sore won't stop until the game is over and they have won.
The same is for a Writer, even though they are tired, and probably sore also, and out of ideas, and they just want the damn book to be over already, we can't stop, we have to keep going and we do, because our game isn't over until that book is finished and in the hand of a publisher, for then that is our won game.

So, the next time you feel like giving up or you're just too tired from your life to go on anymore, and you'd rather just stop now before all the criticism comes in from your friends and family, DON'T! Don't let some close minded, uncreative, jealous people steal your dreams from you because they can't see it themselves and they say it'd be easier to get a practical job.

J.K Rowling was told to get a practical job and that writing was good enough, it had no steady paycheck, but she didn't listen she continued to write and now she has a world bestselling series, 8 movie and a boat load of cash. Where would she be now if she had listened to those people and had just given up, and stored "Harry Potter" in a drawer and never looked at it again.
So, don't stop, don't give up, and the next time you want to think about the young man who carried a 160 pound person on his back across an entire football field because he told himself he could, and he wouldn't give up.


  1. Sian...great blog...I do believe it's the best one yet...I watched the video as well...it was powerful for sure...

  2. Good advice, Sian. Good blog. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Very sage advice for someone as young as you!! Thank you for sharing and encouraging us all.

    1. Thank you Tamylee!! I always felt like I had a old soul! :-D

  4. I read your blog and I will admit I have been very discouraged lately. I see so many people out there who already have their books published (wheather it is just amazon or through a publisher) and I feel so far behind. I also feel discouraged as you mentioned that J.K. Rowlings was told to get a "real" job as I have heard the lecture before myself and with my situation it's not currently possible. (I was also told about all of the money issues that you need to have a "sucessful" book.)
    Thank you for some encouragement.a few seconds ago · LikeUnlike.

  5. I know how you feel Rebekah, Even though we do have a book published, we aren't seeing any sales except maybe one a month. In the success aspect I feel miles behind everyone else. I see all the success on MK and other sites and just keep hoping that maybe by osmosis or by following their example I will become more successful. I do not currenty have a job, so yeah, I hear you on the feeling guilty about that aspect. I am trying to help bring in money, but nothing steady yet. As for money to be a success, I pray that isn't true, because if it is true, We will never get there. Reading blogs like Sian's and others does give me hope though. And thats what we need right now Rebekah, positive people to help us to keep going, against the odds. You will get your book written and you will get it published. I have faith in you and you are doing a real job getting it written. Take care Rebekah. We both will be successes, with help of course!