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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Has anyone ever tried Sprinting?

Has anyone ever tried Sprinting? No! Not the run as fast as you can kind! I meant the writing kind, where you start at :25 and write for 20 minutes then when the times up you add your word count to where ever you were Sprinting at!
It's great fun when you need a good boost of moral, or a good burst of writing to get it done!
It's also a great way to start writing when you cant make yourself other wise!
Sprints are great for me as I am a VERY lazy Writer! I try and try, but my Muse is lazier then I am!!
So, whenever Im in the mood I do a good Sprint and get at least a thousand or two words in a couple of Sprints!
So, the next time you cant seem to write? Gather your friends and a few Writing Sprints, trust me you wont be sorry!


  1. Excellent post Sian and some sound advice there for fellow writers.

    I'm very much like you, sprints have helped to carry the writing through times that seemed somewhat harder in which to write in. I find them to be inspiring and the support you get from other writers who are doing the same is tremendous.

    Whether I'm working on a novel, or running through a short story, if there is ever a time where I lack the will power a sprint is always the best answer.

    So if you've ever tried a writing sprint, I like Sian would recommend it!

  2. Hi, Sian!

    Per your request on the Facebook thread, here's my comment, reposted from there:

    Haven't done that exactly, but in the last four weeks I've made two changes that have had, perhaps, a similar result. One, I challenged myself to write a minimum of 1000 words per day, rather than being satisfied with 400-600. Two, I solemnly promised myself to kick my tendency to perfectionism squarely in the butt, to get out of my own way, and JUST START. Result: averaged 4,250 words per week. So far this week, 2640. The main thing was the second thing, the "just start" part. I suspect that's essentially the value of the sprinting technique.

    Thanks for asking Sian, and I like your "Sprinting" idea!

    F.J. Dagg, author
    The Lowlands of Heaven

  3. I've actually had the pleasure of starting to do these with Sian and a few others from the MasterKoda group. I was impressed how much work I could kick out in such a short time. It was so much fun, I now jump on the chance to do these.

    Fantastic work,

  4. Sprints are Us! Sian you rock and I love sprinting with you and the rest of the gang at masterkoda.com

    Keep posting my friend!
    Kim (Koda)

  5. Tried this last night for the 1st time. I don't know if sprinting works for me or not yet. I will try it a few more times to see.

  6. This is a great post, Sian! And I love the whole format!

    I've never actually tried sprinting. The first time I'd ever encountered the term was during NaNoWriMo2011. And it immediately reminded me of those typing tests I used to have in typing class back in high school. The ones I always failed. . . . . But,you have me intrigued and I'm going to try it one night with a cooking timer.