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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick-Fil-A & Gay Marriage!

OK I don't normally get into these kind of debates as nothing good ever comes from them, but I can't take it anymore this is gone to far, so here's my opinion and I dare you to yell and contradict me!

The President of Chick-Fil-A stated that he was against same sex marriage, which is fine. But, now suddenly 1000's of people are trying to ruin him and his business because oh my gosh! He has an opinion that isn't ours!
Now he has the whole country and the internet trying to destroy him and his business. Sure, that's all we need 100's of thousands of unemployed people in America, because you know it's not like we have millions already! Sure, let's add even more!
This man has an opinion, it might not be the opinion off everyone else, and maybe it's wrong, but that is why it's called an opinion. It doesn't have to be write or wrong, it's just what you believe.
Also, the last time I checked freedom of speech was the FIRST CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT!! Meaning you can say whatever you want (as long as it's not a threat!) and have no consequences from it. Well, apparently we no longer live in America, because anyone who speaks out against the masses is instantly destroyed and silenced or converted.
Hey, I have an idea!! Let's take the Constitution of America and use it as camp fire paper...oh wait we already are!
By persecuting Dan Cathy for his opinion we are denying him his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT! Which last time I checked was illegal. So maybe we should focus more on the people denying us our constitutional rights and less on trivial things like Gay Marriage!

I for one am all for Gay Marriage! Do you know why?! Because everyone should have the right to be with who EVER they choose, as long as that person makes them happy then who cares. Gay Marriage does no harm to ANYONE! It's not illegal, it doesn't hurt anyone, or city, or the country, both parties are willing, and they both want it.
So, what's the big huff about?! What happened to freedom of choice?! What happened to no persecution for your choices?
Wasn't that the reason America split from England couple of hundred years ago? Because they were being persecuted for their religion? So, they decided to create a country where a person can live freely and be whatever religion, or job, or person they want to be! And that includes what sex you marry!
Since when did we become so involved in complete strangers lives?! Why do we even care! What business is it of yours if your neighbor marries his boyfriend? Does it harm you? Does it put you in danger? Does it cost you money or damages? No, none of the above!
It is NONE of our business who these people marry or don't marry, what would you do if someone broke into your wedding and arrested you for trying to marry your wife? I'm sure in a heart beat you would be screaming about constitutional rights and what not!
But, because it's something different from the norm of society we have to stop it and squash it!
It was done with the blacks, they were persecuted and enslaved, no one had the right to do that to them, yet it was done.
Women! Men, enslaved women, they had no rights, nothing!
And now it's Gays!! Men and men should never get married!
What next?! Soon it will be illegal to date another man or woman?!

Times like these that make me ashamed to be a human being. When all we are is close minded, ignorant and stuck in their ways grunts!

OK, I'm done ranting, go ahead and scream at me I'm asking for it, because I love a good debate!! I'm strong in my opinion and nothing will change my mind are you?!
Or are you just scared by new things so instead of understanding it you destroy it!

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