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Friday, October 19, 2012


Last night I watched the Disney Channel movie "Girl vs Monster" albeit they could of picked a better name, like maybe "Fearless"? As the whole point of the movie was not about the monsters or monster hunting, but about fear and overcoming it.
I wake up this morning to find a blog about fear, (Ironic!) (http://thoughtsfromayodelinggoatherder.blogspot.com/) which was very funny as I'd just finished listening to the songs from the movie above, "Fearless". (Great song!)
This blog was very powerful and a good lesson on fear and how to overcome it and not let it get in your way.
Fear is a funny thing, there are real fears like what people might think of you and then irrational fears of clowns. (Never understood, then again never met a clown...)
The fears that are the most powerful are the ones that stop us from doing the things we want to and love to do. The fear of what people think of you or might think of you might stop you from doing things that will make them notice you. Like singing, acting, writing.
You're afraid they will thing badly of you, or not like what you have to show. Or worse, make fun of you.
But, the problem with that is, if you spend your life worrying about what other people think of you then you won't actually live your life. You'll spend all your time hiding in the closet praying no one opens the door and laughs at you.
I believe we spend way to much of our time and life's worrying what others think of us, a unhealthy amount of time.
The fear of what people think of you is a big fear and one hard to overcome. But, like they said in the movie, the only way to overcome your fear is to do it!
If you are afraid of singing in public then go to karaoke and sing your heart out.
You afraid of public speaking, go give a lecture.
Afraid of letting people read what you write? Then go to a Writers Meeting and hand several complete strangers your novel and let them read it.
The only way to overcome fear is to do the very thing you fear. You'll be glad you did!
Spending your life scared and hiding is no life at all, we only get a few years on this planet, and to spend them in fear of what people who don't even matter is no way to spend it!
At one point in your life you have to realize it doesn't matter what these people think of you, they are not important. All that matters is what you think of yourself and what you do, you have no one to answer to, but yourself.
So stop worrying what some complete stranger thinks of you and go do what you fear the most!


  1. Gabrielle ScribbensOctober 19, 2012 at 7:41 AM

    Oh, thank you! I so know what you mean about fear. I was always afraid to show my writing to anyone, mostly because I was afraid to open up to people. But my friend Zee, she made me show her what I wrote, and she was like, "Gabbie, this is really good! You gotta publish this." So I did, and it's made me feel real good.

    I was also afraid of water; I'd stand at the edge of a lake and shiver. But then I watched "The Little Mermaid", and after that, being in the water never bothered me again.

    Oh, and Zee also showed me how to open up to people. Oh, Goddess, did she! There ain't nothing that scares me now!

  2. Well done, Sian! Confronting our fears is hard but so worthwhile.

  3. A good post. Maybe it's zeitgeist, but I just started a new job in sales, and it's hard! I hate cold calling - especially when I have to drop into another language at a moment's notice! I confront a feeling of panic when I press that green key. But I'm doing it.