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Monday, July 2, 2012


Ok this is more of a rant as i'm not allowed to rant on FB....be warned!

So, it's 4pm on a Monday moms left for work, I decide I want some Strawberry Shortcake and read my Kindle! So I open my door and my stepdad walks into the bathroom in his undies from the living room where he sleeps (it's no longer a family room....it's HIS room!) he looks up at me and bitches that he has NO privacy!
Shall we reflect??
It's 4pm in the afternoon on a Monday and he's in the living room downstairs next to the kitchen where we get food in his underwear for all to see I they come downstairs then bitches because he has NO PRIVACY!!!!!!
I wonder why!!!!!!
Put some pants on you idiot you're in the living room!!!!!!!

Rant done.....

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