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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How Not To Act When Asking For A Radio Interview!

I was reading a blog by Ritesh Kala entitled - "I am a blogger, and I am pissed! #1" - http://alexiachronicles.blogspot.in/2012/07/i-am-blogger-and-i-am-pissed-1.html
He talked about how people would ask him to review his books and were very rude and ignorant and didn't know how to be professional.

I told him about my now dead radio show, were Cathy Brockman and I interviewed Authors, and all the problems I had with them! (Some had such EGOS!!)
Now, not ALL my guests were bad, 95% of them were great guests and were very considerate, polite, didn't need to be told 50 times when to call in and where, how and all that junk.
But, it's the other 5% that made me finally cancel my radio show forever. Cathy had to much to do and was supposed to leave home for the whole month of June, so I'd be alone. That was fine but then the guests just got worse and worse.

A prime example of this, is one guest who said she had 5,000 fans and that it would be great for our pitiful radio show, but the day of the show I had technical issues (my laptop hated BlogTalkRadio!) and we ended up fighting with it for 20 minutes, when we finally got her online all was good, I asked if she would like a make-up show because I felt bad about the horrible show we had for her. She agreed, until I messaged her on FB and asked her when she would like it, then she told me she didn't want a new day as we were very unprofessional and was severely insulted because we had mentioned we did not like comedy or cared for it, and got very upset about it. I don't understand how technical difficulties makes us unprofessional.
Well, many more of those guests just stole all the fun the show ever had and soon it became a dreaded event, I stopped updating the FB page for our show, I didn't schedule the shows until the day before or day off the show, and I found myself just zoning out while listening to them. So, I decided it would be best to just cancel all future guests (we had been booked up until like August.) and quit the show. I don't regret doing it, and I am very happy I actually did do it.

So, I thought maybe I'd do a "What Not To Do When Asked To Be A Guest On A Radio Show"

#1: Make sure you are available on the date and time they give you.
      If you cannot make the date and time don't say yes in the first place.

We had many guests say yes to us then the day of the show tell us they cannot make 6pm, can we do 7pm or 7:30pm or 4pm.

#2: Cancel a few days ahead of time, or if desperate a few hours ahead of time.
       All it takes is 5 seconds to email them, leave them a message on FB, their radio wall, call them, there is nothing worse then it's time for the show and you have no guest and no reason why.
We had a guest just not show up until the show was over and when asked why they said they didn't receive any emails from us so they figured it was cancelled and decided (without trying to reach us first!) to skip the show completely.

#3: Don't yell at the hosts because you forgot when the show was.
     The hosts of the show have better things to do then be your personal secretary. They don't have time to keep track of every ones schedules for them, if they did they'd be no radio show. Write down when and what time the radio show is and remember!!!
We have had guests who forgot when the show was and what time and then yelled at us because we were unprofessional because we didn't give them daily reminders of when the show was. (This is why we started interviewing only American Authors.)

#4: Keep track of time zones and plan accordingly!
Do not, and I repeat do not get angry with the hosts because their show is at 6pm their time and Midnight your time, and when you signed up you did not realize this. It is not their fault that the show is at Midnight for you, you should of thought of that before you signed up.

Like I said this was the reason we stopped interviewing authors from outside of America.

#5: If you wish to be addressed by a different name make sure to tell the hosts this before the show.
     Do not get mad because the host had no information on you for the show so they did some research and found the wrong name and used it. If you wish them to not use your real name make sure you take 5 seconds to message them and tell them this, do not get angry after the fact.
We had guests who got angry because we used their wrong name in the interview episode, I told them they should of given use the info she wanted us to have, her response was "You never asked for it.". Apparently supplying the Interviewer with your information before they interview you is not common sense.

Wow, just writing this blog makes me remember why I cancelled the show in the first place.
So, the next time someone asks you if you would like to be interviewed by them, come here and read what not to do and make sure that you do everything possible to make it a smooth and stress free interview. Or you may end up in one of these venting blogs about annoying and ignorant guests.

Thank for reading, and to my radio show guests who inspired this blog, thank you!!!!


  1. Ugh, what a nightmare, Sian. They sound like true pains in the butts. It´s always sad when you start something and feel so enthusiastic and positive about it, only for it to turn sour. I´m sorry you had such a bad experience! :( x

    1. Thanks Serena!! It was fun for those few months we did it! It wasn't only the guests why we quit, it was other things also, but that was the major reason!

    2. Also, i'm not the type to be kind understanding and smile! I get pissed and tell you to go jump off a cliff and go splat on the rocks hehehehe!!!!!

  2. I'd say that you were inviting the wrong writers. Technical issues do happen and nobody is perfect. DOn't like comedy or humor?? :)

    1. Well, no we said we didn't like comedy movies, I like comedy, I mean I love Jeff Dunham!

  3. Now let me get this straight you do not like comedy or humor ? First that's slightly depressing in my opinion . But , do you not research the guest who will appear on you show ? That would be your job , to know who your interviewing I would think. Also if you going to post a blog please please edit it and check for errors...example -I stopped updating the FB page for our show, I didn't schedule the shows until the day before or day off the show. I think you meant 'of' not off. Little things like that matter in the professional world..believe it or not. When you put a blog out there for the entire world to see you should really pay better attention to your grammar.
    I do understand technical difficulties happen , you were in a profession that demands accuracy , research , facts and it seems to me you just 'WINGED IT'. You had no back-up plan like another computer or anything ? You have people using their time , their gas to come and be a part of your show . Yes I'm sure they were promoting their product , book whatever the case may be. But, without them you'd have NO SHOW.
    Your comment above truly shows just how unprofessional you are...(Also, i'm not the type to be kind understanding and smile! I get pissed and tell you to go jump off a cliff and go splat on the rocks hehehehe!!!!!) Are you still in high school ? I can't tell from your picture , but what comes out of your mouth certainly sounds as if you are. OK , I've said what I wanted and needed to. I think dealing with the public may not be the best profession for you. Honestly , from what I can tell maybe the sporting goods department at Walmart. They have excellent benefits ! Good luck in your future endeavors .

    1. First of all, that's just rude, you could of easily gotten your point across without the immature Wal-Mart jab.

      Second of all, we said we did not like Comedy MOVIES, she was a stand up comedian, we didn't say anything about her or her comedy, so it was not a jab at her or her profession. I love comedians, just not comedy movies or tv shows, and we said that during the show. I went on a 5 minute rant about how I loved Jeff Dunham who is a comedian, so she had no reason to be upset.

      Also, I apologize about the grammar mistakes I got interrupted in the middle of writing my blog by someone, then I was having problems with the formatting, so I didn't get to finish my edit.

      And about your comment of me working at Wal-Mart that's just rude, mean and immature, your comment would of been just fine without that immature jab. For a complete stranger you sure are getting bent out of shape.

      There was no gas or travel, it was a radio show...a online radio show, all she had to do was pick up the phone and call me.

      Of course I was winging it, I had 20 minutes of issues, so by the time we got her on I was winging it. (I had plenty of info on her thank you very much!!)

      About the back-up computer, I didn't have one or I would of used it.

      Since you rant is about nothing but that comedy bit of my blog I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't that guest who I interviewed.

      Also, that comment about rocks and splat was a joke, obviously you have no sense of humor.

      Thank you for your input and like I said sorry for the grammar issues.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. First I'd like to say...Why wouldn't this person feel insulted? I mean really, Did you not know she wrote comedy when you openly said that you did not like comedy or care for it?? Don't you get some kind of background information on who your going to interview? Why would she still want to be on your show? I wouldn't!!
    Second..yes technical difficulties do happen, but most people would have a back up plan..
    Third..What a sad person you must be. You don't like comedy, maybe you like depressing or sick humor..."Jump off a cliff and splat on the rocks"?!?!? I'm mean really, how old are you anyway? Your bio say's 28. I'm sad to say my 22 yr old son sounds more mature than you. Tellin someone to kill themself is NOT funny.
    Lastly, you stated that 95% of your guests were great and only 5% were not. You cancelled your show due to that tiny little 5%. Well I have to say that it doesn't show much dedication on your part that you would cancel your show due to such a small percentage of people. Sounds to me like you were looking for an easy out and ya needed someone to blame for it. Shame on you!! If you really enjoyed your show as much as you claim you did you wouldn't have let that 5% bother you. And EGOS?!?!? Darlin I don't think it's just the authors you interviwed, you might want to check your own...

    1. First of all, thank you for replying on my blog.

      Second off all, when we said this it was random, as we only had 10 minutes of the show to do and I couldn't get my guest to on the air, so we were just winging it.
      Third: Did you not READ my reply?!?! I said on air that I loved stand up comedians, which is what she was. How can you get upset by being told that you love stand-up comedians?!
      So, she got mad because I don't love ALL comedy? That's pathetic!
      Again, did you not READ my reply?!?! Or did you just read the blog and decide to bitch me out as well??
      Hey people!!! Read the damned comments!!!!!!!!

      And yes, I have an ego, get over it!!!